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5563010GC 850 CFM Mighty Demon™ - Mechanical Secondary
The Mighty Demon™ is perhaps the best value for the dollar in the carburetor market today.

It is available in a full range of sizes and directly replaces Holley® HP models. It features billet–aluminum metering blocks, billet aluminum baseplates, large capacity fuel bowls complete with patented sight glasses and patented, streamlined air entries. Some of these features are found only on modified carburetors costing much more, and several are available only on Demon Carburetors. These innovative ideas allow the new Mighty Demons to produce more power and achieve higher levels of performance than conventional designs. All Mighty Demon™ carburetors come with a "General Competition" tuneup, but can be easily modified using BG Fuel Systems carburetor service and tuning parts.

For high output street engines and for race engines, the Mighty Demon™ delivers the best performance value for the dollar!
  • Billet Baseplate with Idle-Eze™
  • Billet Metering Blocks
  • Patented Concentric Venturi
  • No choke horn
  • Replaceable Air Bleeds
  • Replaceable Idle feed restrictors
  • Mechanical Secondaries
  • Patented Large View Sight windows
  • Dual inlets
  • Metering blocks with tuneable jets (Primary and Secondary circuits)
  • 4 Corner idle adjustability
  • Built-in Power Valve blow out protection
  • Vacuum ports — 2 constant, 1 ported
  • Most common tuning parts interchange from other manufacturers (Jets, Power Valves, Squirters, etc.)
Designed for well-prepared 440 - 509 cid engines
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850 CFM Mighty Demon™ - Mechanical Secondary
Part# 5563010GC
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